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With FSG to shoulder any risk, you benefit from being backed by the Danish state when you purchase goods
and services from your Danish supplier.

Safeguard Your

Our attractive leasing terms protect your capital and give you greater leverage and leeway when it comes to credit lines with banks and suppliers.


The capital cost is spread across the leased item’s entire service life. Gone are the days of buying equipment outright before it has begun to pay its way.

Services We Provide

Financing with a Danish guarantee

Rental Agreements

FSG provides a rental platform for made-to-measure answers to the imperatives of your business. We offer uniquely advantageous terms normally reserved for major one-off leasing arrangements in a defined number of small-ticket items within a given time period

Different By Design

Our innovative business model helps entrepreneurs succeed together and avoid the obstacles that plague traditional financial services businesses. Discover how you can build the business of your dreams without creating the competition of your nightmares.

Credit Agency

FSG cooperates with EKF, Denmark’s Export Credit Agency, who is happy to consider the possibility of financing together with us. With EKF to bear the risk you benefit from being backed by the Danish state when you purchase goods and services from your Danish supplier.

Credit Evaluation & Approval

We pride ourself with having an internal credit evaluation team. In general, the granting of credit depends on the confidence we have in the borrower’s credit worthiness; which encompasses the borrower’s ability and willingness to pay. This is one of many factors defining FSG’s credit policies.

Credit risk management

We provide insight-driven credit risk mangement. We operate wihtin six steps. Know-Your-Customer, Analyze non-financial risks, Understand the requested funds, professional communication and continuouslymonitor the client’s risk profile. There is risk to every line item on the balance sheet and income statement.

Asset Management

More than ever, stability, consistency and quality have become key in the asset management business. We are an active asset manager that aims to provide alpha and outcome solutions in every market condition. Through our broad product palette we offer strategies that focus on delivering excess return.

EKF is Denmark’s official export credit agency. We help Danish companies to make it possible and attractive for customers abroad to purchase products and services from Denmark. We do this by providing guarantees to Danish and international banks. With EKF to shoulder any risks, you are well placed to secure financing for your business transactions on competitive terms. With an EKF guarantee, you benefit from AAA rated Danish state support.

Our Little Story

Something About Us

Financial Service Group is a leasing manager with a global business model offering services in Europe, the Americas and Asia. We lease across the full investment spectrum. We believe that we owe our success and continuous growth to a sustainable and unique multi-boutique approach. Our aim is to stay the asset manager of choice for our customers by continuously providing better service, better products and better investment returns.

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We are trusted by clients

Financial Service Group is committed to delivering financial solutions that fulfill today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams. We enable individuals and businesses to manage financial risk by providing insurance products to meet their specific and ever-changing financial risk exposures. We provide a fixed and fixed-indexed annuities.

FSG - experts in

  • Premium services beyond your expectation
  • Customer quality inspection
  • In-house credit evaluation & approval
  • Credit risk management
  • Wheel Restore Company ApS

    Wheel Restore is a Danish producer of state of the art, game chancing High Quality Diamond Cut wheel machines, wheel blasting machines and automatic powder coating machines.
  • HBC Systems A/S

    HBC System is the international market leader in the SMART Repair category and is the only supplier to have a number of Vehicle Manufacturer approvals - Daimler, Porsche, BMW, Nissan, Honda,
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